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Most recent revision Oct, 2011

    Agriculex Inc. is located in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. We build equipment that is specifically designed for use in agricultural research.Agriculex began operating as a partnership in 1986, when our first machine, SPT-1 threshing machine, was released. The company was incorporated in 1988.

    All of our equipments are designed for research purposes. We pay extreme attention to develop various equipment to meet the needs of researchers. Our equipment count seed quick and accurate, clean seed quickly and completely to avoid contamination between seed lots. We concentrate on producing smaller types of machines.

    Please feel free to use our E-mail link  or to call our toll-free number if you would like to order machine or have any questions about any of the machines, or if you have any comments about anything you may have purchased in the past.

Bsc-2 photo

    This is a large version corn sheller. It is designed to handle bulk of corn in a breeding program. It is excellent for large samples.

    We make every effort to keep prices in this website up to date and correct, but if you want a firm quotation, please contact us. The prices do not include any shipping, taxes, or customs clearance, and could be affected if you have any special requirements.